Please note that the ‘Upcoming Appointments’ feature of Patient Ally is currently undergoing maintenance. You will not be able to view your upcoming appointments in the calendar at this time.

All patients are responsible for remembering their appointments using their personal calendars. You may also request Automated Appointment Reminders by text or voice call, which will be sent 1 day before your appointment. 

If you need to confirm an appointment, you may contact us at (760) 650-2290 ext. 2001 during normal business hours, or message us on the portal. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.



Contact your doctor

Message us during or after business hours.


Request Appointments

See your doctor's availability and request appointments. Message us to reschedule or cancel.


Manage your profile

Keep us up-to-date on changes to your insurance, address, or payment information by messaging us.


We value your privacy

Your information is stored in compliance with patient privacy laws.


If you have forgotten your username or password, use the 'Forgot' features on Patient Ally to recover your information. Note that your username is different from your email address when logging in.

If you are still unable to log in, clearing your browser cache usually resolves any issues.

Otherwise, contact us to confirm your information (e.g. spelling of name, email address, date of birth, etc.) is correct, or to reset your enrollment:  (760) 650-2290 ext. 2001.  

If you are still having difficulty, you may contact Patient Ally's technical support line for assistance: (360)975-7000 Option 2

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