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Diplomate, Am. Board of Sleep Medicine

Nevin Arora MD is a sleep medicine fellowship-trained psychiatrist and co-founder of Lucidity Sleep Psychiatry.

He received his medical degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and completed his residency training in psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital.  His fellowship training in sleep medicine was completed at Stanford University Hospital.

While Dr. Arora brings a wealth of knowledge in mental health to our practice, it is essential to note that Dr. Arora's primary focus remains on evaluating and treating sleep disorders. His integration of mental health expertise serves as an invaluable complement to his sleep medicine practice, enabling him to provide a more comprehensive approach to patient care.


If you are seeking a specialist solely focused on sleep medicine, Dr Arora's unique combination of sleep and mental health expertise make him an ideal choice for personalized, effective treatments of sleep disorders with psychological components.

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I feel truly blessed to have based my career on improving sleep; a quest that may be challenging but is worth the effort. With all the attention that we pay to our waking life, the ideal balance becomes shifted and often this is seen in the quality and quantity of our sleep. The potential hazards of sleep disorders are receiving much attention, and rightfully so. While this knowledge can be concerning, it also illustrates the tremendous utility treatment can offer.

My approach, first and foremost, is based upon providing a fundamental education and perspective. With a foundational understanding of sleep, we are in a better position to begin to treat the disorders. My hope is our work together on this essential, but often neglected, area of life will help tap into the upside we all possess.

Nevin Arora MD

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Arora, N., Cao, M., & Javaheri, S. (2014). Opioids, sedatives, and sleep hypoventilation. Sleep Medicine Clinics, 9(3), 391-98.

Arora, N., Meskill, G., & Guilleminault, C. (2015). The role of flow limitation as an important diagnostic tool and clinical finding in mild sleep-disordered breathing. Sleep Science, 8(3), 134-42.

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