Update 7/1/2020

As we navigate the challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19, we remain committed to supporting our patients while prioritizing the health and safety of all patients and staff.  We encourage you to continue caring for your physical and mental health during this time while following the recommendations of public health officials, which includes wearing a mask in public places, social distancing, and refraining from nonessential activities in which social distancing is difficult (especially without a face covering).

For most of our patients, we continue to strongly advise participating in video or phone appointments, unless there is an essential reason the doctor would like to see you in person (For example, for a physical exam). 

We also understand that the inability to attend in-person appointments can pose problems unique to your situation.  If you have special circumstances in which the benefits of in-person visits supersedes potential risks related to COVID-19, discuss this with your doctor to determine if in-person visits are permitted.   At this time, we may allow in-person visits in our Vista location only. 

If you will be attending an in-person session, we ask that you comply with the following:

  • Face coverings are required to attend in-person visits.  If you have a medical reason for not wearing a face covering, discuss this with your doctor before scheduling an in-person visit.

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and your doctor.

  • Do not schedule in-person visits if you or someone you’ve had close contact with is ill. 

  • Do not schedule in-person visits if you’ve been informed you may have been exposed to COVID-19, you anticipate being tested for COVID-19, or you have received a positive COVID-19 test.

  • Avoid non-essential social gatherings, and wear a face covering in public, especially when it’s difficult to maintain physical distance from others.

We are also implementing the following precautions in our office:

  • Doctors will be wearing face coverings.

  • We will attempt to space appointments so no more than 1 person or group is in the waiting room at once.

  • Seating will be arranged so you have at least 6 feet of distance between you and your doctor during visits.

  • Shared surfaces will be disinfected regularly.  Non-essential shared surfaces (i.e. books, magazines) will be removed from waiting areas.

  • Hand sanitizer, tissues, and disposable surgical masks are available in the office if needed.  

We appreciate your cooperation.  Please contact us if you have concerns or questions.  We are also happy to check your insurance eligibility for virtual appointments.

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