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Lucidity Sleep Psychiatry, founded in 2018, is a sleep disorders-focused practice that represents the collaborative efforts of Dr. Nevin Arora, a sleep medicine fellowship-trained psychiatrist, and, Dr Kristen LaMarca, a clinical psychologist and diplomate in behavioral sleep medicine.

Our mission is to address primary sleep disorders while considering the potential psychological components that may impact sleep health. While we recognize the interconnectedness of sleep and mental well-being, our core specialization lies in the field of sleep medicine.  As a result, our practice does not heavily engage in generalized counseling or traditional psychiatry services.


With the clear overlays between sleep and mental well-being, we believe that the fields of sleep medicine, psychiatry, and psychology should be integrated more fully.  Our boutique sleep medicine clinic is a place where individuals with sleep disorders can receive dedicated attention that fully acknowledges the intricate relationship between sleep and mental health.

Central to our philosophy is a deep sense of empathy, recognizing the individuality of each person's journey. We believe that all people have a natural ability to self-heal and create positive changes in their lives.  Our approach draws inspiration from the remarkable state of consciousness known as lucidity, which is a high degree of clarity and insight that we strive to offer all of our clients in their care.

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Diplomate, Am. Board of Sleep Medicine

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Clinical Psychologist

Diplomate in Behavioral Sleep Medicine

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