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Narcissistic Abuse & Enmeshment Recovery

Healing from narcissistic and enmeshed family systems

In the journey towards healing, it's essential to recognize that you're not alone while learning to trust your perceptions. One of Dr. LaMarca’s areas of expertise is in guiding individuals toward recovery from narcissistic abuse and enmeshed family systems. These experiences, often covert and subtle, can be challenging to recognize and even harder to overcome, particularly when there are  social pressures to conform to maladaptive patterns. The harmful effects of these experiences are far-reaching, impacting everything from boundaries and self-identity to confidence and physical health.


During therapy, you’ll find the validation, support, and skills-training needed to discover peace and wholeness in your life. By integrating family systems research with evidence-based therapies, Dr. LaMarca will guide you to reclaim your agency, master effective boundary-setting, and cultivate a strong sense of self. She tailors each person’s therapy to unravel the threads of codependency, emotional abuse and neglect, and other complexities like people-pleasing, scapegoating, intercultural clashes, and intergenerational trauma. By building awareness and skill, you can blaze a trail that transcends toxic influences, crafting a healthy, balanced life that resonates with your values.

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