DR. NEVIN ARORA is a board-certified sleep medicine specialist who offers diagnostic evaluation and treatment services for sleep disorders, including:

After an initial consultation, a treatment plan including potential sleep testing will be coordinated. Follow-up visits are provided to review results, track progress and provide further recommendations and support.


DR. KRISTEN LAMARCA is a behavioral medicine specialist who offers non-drug, supportive interventions for sleep-related issues, notably insomnia, CPAP intolerance, and nightmare disorders.

Dr. LaMarca additionally works with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, or relational challenges in adults that are secondary to sleep disorders.  Services span from solution-focused to supportive, counseling for grief and loss, relationship and parenting support, adjusting to life’s transitions, mood, anxiety, or personality disorders, addiction recovery, coping with physical health issues or stress, and more. Conducted in a safe and supportive atmosphere, treatment is highly personalized while integrating evidence-based interventions.

In addition to sleep and dreams, Dr. LaMarca’s specialties include working with anxiety and psychophysiological disorders, biofeedback, and chronic pain.  Explore the links below to learn more.


Safe and secure, virtual talk therapy for residents of California.  Online or telephone therapy allows you to receive counseling, consultation, or support through the use of video conferencing or phone from the most convenient environment for you.  Though telepsychology may not be appropriate for everyone and is offered on a case-by-case basis, it can be optimal when your unique circumstances would otherwise prevent you from obtaining services.  To participate, clients must have video-conferencing capability, a microphone headset, and a strong internet connection.  This service is not covered by insurance.


There are several opportunities to receive niche coaching, education, consultation, or training related to lucid dreaming from Dr. LaMarca.  Click here to learn more.


Register as a new patient, and you will be contacted to make an appointment.


For more information, call (760) 650-2290.

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