Referral Form

At Lucidity Sleep & Psychiatry, we are dedicated to growing a network of professionals who value improving the sleep health of people in the local community.

  • We coordinate with other medical and mental health providers to create an integrated treatment plan that optimizes sleep and well-being for patients.
  • We believe in educating and empowering patients to take an active role in improving their sleep and making the best use of available resources.
  • We coordinate with patients, their families, and providers to reduce barriers to treatment.
  • We provide excellent patient follow-up and support.
  • We value forming collaborative relationships with other providers in the community.

If you are a healthcare provider who would like to make a referral, you may download and fax us the following Patient Referral Form.  Please also request that the patient sign an  Authorization for Release of Information for the purpose of care coordination.

To expedite the referral process, please refer your patients to our website to register as a new patient with our online portal ( To request business cards containing this web address that you may provide your patients, please contact us at (760) 650-2290 ext. 2001 to let us know your mailing address.  Alternatively, you may provide patients with the following PDF handout containing instructions:  Referral Link Handout


Patient Referral Form

Referral Link Handout

Authorization for Release of Information

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